- Langton Law Founder -

The dictionary defines an honorable man as "One who leads an exemplary life;
One who brings distinction to his craft; One who engages in scholarly deeds;
One who has earned the respect of his family and his fellow citizens".

Frank Langton is all that and more.

After 10 years in the insurance industry in New York and Detroit (including managing the Detroit Office of a major accident claims insurance company), Frank decided he could better help people by becoming a lawyer.  So he enrolled in the night program at the Detroit College of Law while working full-time and raising five children.
He graduated from law school in 1966. 

Frank then established the Frank R. Langton & Associates Law Firm in the Detroit area.  Over four decades later, it has grown to be one of the most prestigious law firms specializing in accident cases.  His son, Charlie, is now its President.

During his tenure, Frank was a leader, a benefactor and an inspiration to all those around him.  Now an attorney Emeritus, Frank still advises the current legal staff whenever needed.  Those of us who carry on his legacy perform our legal work with the same passion, detail and integrity as he did.